Information for GPs

Hampshire Gynaecology is a group of skilled and dedicated gynaecological specialists, each with different areas of expertise, who have joined forces to offer excellence and choice in the field of women's health care across this region. With decades of experience in this field, they offer rapid access to diagnosis and treatment of all gynaecological and obstetric conditions, in state-of-the-art hospital facilities, with clinics and surgery available at both the BMI Sarum Road in Winchester and Spire Southampton Hospital.

Nearly every woman will suffer from a gynaecological condition at some time in her life. It may not be life threatening and may only affect them at certain times of the month, but it can still have an impact on their quality of life and ability to do everyday activities.

Hampshire Gynaecology offers you fast and direct access to an experienced and compassionate consultant gynaecologist, whatever your problem may be.

How to contact Hampshire Gynaecology